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Alex Guthrie and Hello Sunday Each Deliver Powerful Performances – The Voice Knockouts 2019

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  1. Damn they killed it ..gave me chills the one with singing in the upper register is lethal but they are both something serious. Absolutely amazing

  2. I feel like his performance was a little better, not taking anything away from the twins. That performance showed a lot about him

  3. I knew Hello Sunday before they were on this show and I feel so honored to have already known they were gonna make it on the big stage 💛

  4. On reflection, Kelly’s mentor instinct was spot on when Hello Sunday eventually validated themselves with the instant save in the playoffs

  5. I just closed my eyes while listening to Alex and his rendition of I'm not the only one, feeling goosebumps all over. Hello Sunday are truly great. Glad that Alex was stolen. Kelly had it though.

  6. Sure, Hello Sunday are cute
    as pandas 🐼 but they don't
    have a tenth of the vocal
    ability or musical experience
    of Khalea or Mryacle !!!

  7. I love Hello Sunday, but DANG … Alex Guthrie made the hairs on my arms stand up … mega cold chills !!!!!
    I need to hear more from Alex !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. These Ladies are the Future of Music. I feel they are better than 80% of the other artists on the show. They are Adept in their Musical arrangement. I'm simply blown away. I agree with Kelly ,I have to see where this goes. The future of music is in Great hands.

  9. Holy Cow Gwen you are showing your model side and being the knock out session I would have to say the Knock Out is in the chair !

  10. If Hello Sunday got any more chain turns and did not pick Kelly, they would get eliminated post playoffs. But look at them in the Top 11! Wow. KELLY IS AMAZING!

  11. I concur with Kelly's assessment of Alex's performance….his was indeed very soulful….However, I am almost 56 yrs of age and have seen many R&B Duos in my lifetime, but to see two 14-yr olds like Hello Sunday grow & improve with every performance is simply incredible & amazing to watch & listen….they are Heaven's R&B "Harmonious Duo"….

    If managed properly, they could grow into a Mega R&B Duo….my only wish is that they don't lose their Christian Identity in too much "worldly" music….Because it's obvious their singing talent is an expression of a God-Given Gift…!

  12. By the way, I tried to by a copy of Hello Sunday singing this song and it would not come up. So what's with that. I've never known NBC not to go after the money before. What's up with that?

  13. I really don't care about or care for many celebrities but Kelly seems like the most genuinely, lovely person. I heart her soul.

  14. Favorite part 3:25 LOVED how she made that sound ! So emotional especially for her age ! In love with them all together

  15. Watching this in 2020 one ☝🏾 more time before I leave this video 😔 hope to see them preform at the Grammys some day ♥️

  16. Wow wow this dude is another unique entertaining & so talented wow loved him& hellow Sunday girls, oh Jesus Vhrist d hormonids these 3 deserve it

  17. Oh come on! With what metric does Alex's performance take a back seat to two mundane howling teeny boppers? The nuance and control demonstrated by Alex dwarfs the clearly mediocre competition.

  18. THIS WAS THE BEST PERFORMANCES BY BOTH ARTIST. But Hello Sunday is so interesting to watch and their voices blend so well and to be 13/14 is unbelievable. Keep it up, ladies. Alex this was your best performance.

  19. No Way !!!! I love this singers in The Voice 😍😍😭 Why So Perfect !!!?? 😭😭😍

    From: Philippines 🇵🇭

  20. Both of them were amazing so it's really hard to pick who was better . Because there were two girls singing and the harmony was amazing. FaceTime dad I would pick the two girls. But this doesn't mean the guy wasn't great also. His voice was amazing ! His performance was amazing. Thank God I'm not the judge . Both of them could be the top winners. And they're getting rid of one of them. No way somebody's going to steal

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