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ABC News Prime: Coronavirus shutdowns, economic impact, Utah earthquake, Vote 2020

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  1. In both London and China, a new born baby was tested and it came back positive. At this point, they don't know if it was passed on before they were born, during the birthing process or after it was born, they are going to start testing them at birth.

  2. Walmart is having a senior citizen only shopping hour. Do not do this! Hundreds of old people coughing and sneezing on each other. What is Walmart thinking?

  3. Everyone wearing masks and buying up toilet paper is the same people driving 90 on the freeway with no seat belt. Calm tf down people…

  4. When you first get it you are supposed to drink a lot of water and wash your hands
    To clean your body out before it gets worst
    Be safe

  5. I don’t usually agree with the president but this time I do ,I don’t know why people mad at him for saying the virus comes from China he’s telling the truth I give him credit for having the guts to say it don’t act like his the only one saying it.these people eat everything that walks in this Earth they don’t even care about the consequences now they put everybody’s lives in jeopardy.

  6. trump would you sell me a daughter or two for a piece of sPPA-ce-GarBaGiee bag-less preferd with big D

    it doesn't look like a question to my robot girllie robonetiniee
    why are so many robots gettinN NotT killed in Buildings from space goverment-NO
    mr. president trump do the Gun DeaLiers selling drugs in Machine City also sell extremeliey heavy duty GunNss cheaper than chinese land renters ? ? ?
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  7. The Coronavirus pandemic:
    Is it really just a way for the globalist elites to force all of
    us into a New World Order?

  8. Since the coronavirus first started 10,000 people have died in america from car accidents. Spend a trillion dollars to fix that.

  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VaasHEWhldo this is what the mainstream media won't tell you about the Coronavirus


  11. The virus came from China so why can’t we call Chinese virus. This is a fact not racism. People are just faking because they want to call China virus too. China caused this crisis to the world.

  12. 1K isn’t going to do anything for me in Texas plus we pay Daycare as well.. That one K gotta go up plus idk if we are going to qualify for it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. plz millennials take this serious stay home guys have faith God is our shelter through good or bad times Be safe take precautions

  14. What about if the whole world made masks, and equipment we would then have enough this is a call to action from all. We have to stop building walls on this one and quit the blame game and work together. We may need China and their equipment.

  15. ATTENTION: Favipiravir has been out since 2016 and the Japanese have had success with 91% virus free within 4 hours

  16. Story of life and it's so not right… persons displaying symptoms should be first priority. Their lives isn't more precious than no one else's

  17. The virus cane from China behave Cecelia Stop your negative on Trump your being ignorant. This is kit the time it’s Coronavirus season no time for complaining. My on my what’s got into you. The virus did come China now stop it. Who wants to continue listening to you, all your gong is attacking Trump.

  18. We already know people with money/ athletes are buying tests while sick people suffer. You know what comes around eventually goes around. In the end they will get theirs. Think about all the horrible things that have happened to some athletes or their families, even recently, that we would not have done to them or wished for them. Yet look what happened to these selfish, entitled people. Those people swiping the shelves clear in grocery store will get whats coming to them also and we won't have anything to do with it, but they WILL suffer.

  19. As a guard of america his feelings is not wrong. Yes It is because irresponsible china government to motivate people(there own) like this additions because of their power. They(china govt.) can avoid to create this kind of situation even the late doctor said. Chinese is not the reason but china govt.. He accuses china govt. nothing wrong in it. Only thing time is not suitable to say.

  20. 15:00 it is ethnicity that caused this. The chinese slaughter sewer. Even animals to be slaughteres should not be kept like that.
    Remember MadCow? That happened because some idiot decided it would be cost effective to feed animal protein (sheep meal) to herbavors (cattle) to save money on hay and corn. I knew not to feed meat to a grass eating animal when I was 10 years old. Stupid idiots. Same as China – stupid idiots.

  21. Thank you for the "FEEL GOOD STORIES"!!! Im crying but Happy Tears! We can and will get thru this if we stick together! Now Put up those Lights Folks!!!

  22. Provide tests to the low case states and lets just see how many cases we have! Stop with the worship of money! Remember "The love of Money is the root of evil"!

  23. Hey Trump! yeah you! …I thought you claimed God said you were "the chosen one" hahah, what a fool.
    welcome to the apocalypse

  24. I hope the system crumbles… lol you brainwashed people that desperately grasp and suckle on the teet of social media and society along with it's fake political system of so called "officials" indoctrinated by a system of a higher cabal who cares for nothing but itself and disregards the real people that are the ones upholding their crimes of profit by forcing the fear of some germs that may kill you. "My god I'm in a life threatening situation because of the minor flu thanks to the news and it forced fed propaganda." It's time to wake up people… I mean really remember SARS in 2003 or Zika in 2015-2016 also Ebola. Far more deadly diseases than a flu virus. No measures were taken like this for a flu virus. Your more likely to die in a car accident than this bull… Wake up people it's time to realize the lie we're living. There is an insidious alternative order besides an outbreak of a normal sickness that occurs seasonally. Such a joke on us the people, necessary for an economic collapse. So perfect "coronavirus" an excuse for an inevitable collapse of a failing economic system.

  25. It started in a lab not in a street market …wake up people…you know USA and China are giving high fives behind closed doors …its what they wanted

  26. Whomever claimed that the nation of China actually "caused" this novel virus is too woefully ignorant of basic cell biology…..to pay any mind, or attention to.
    So many Americans, so ignorant of science – or maybe just all of them – ignorant. God help us.

  27. Why did the editing on screen say ‘ earthquake in Nevada ‘ ?! The earthquake was in Utah this morning. You can’t really believe anything they say.

  28. My family is showing symptoms and we can't even get a test. Yet famous people with no symptoms get tested without hesitation.

  29. Economy of my country has collapsed and people are suffering because of you CHINA!! We will send u our bill and you should pay all our loss.

  30. Can we talk about how much better EVERYTHING would be right now if only Adam & Eve & the garden of Eden had been located in CHINA.
    Eve would have eaten that fuckin snake.

  31. Oops, this virus knock her off her feet for a day!
    Almost cut that out perfectly ABC, but now that you let it slip. Why not let the cat fully outa the bag? Seriously its the flu with a serious bite if you have underlying problems like asthma, heart disease, diabetes.
    But if you are a healthy person and you dont have any underlying conditions. Chances are you will be fine. So stop hoarding all the damn TP , and cans of soup. Seriously stop freaking out. This is America help those that need help become great neighbors, even if you dislike them, if they have underlying health issues help those people get what they need keep them inside, Stand up Americans lets show the world how , We take care of our neighbors every neighbor. No one gets left behind. We got this !

  32. Do you know how worse in China?
    It says that 500,000 people have died in Beijing, and 3,000 people died two days ago in the whistler’s community. Can you imagine how many similar cities in China? 

    Regarding above information, please refer to comments here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3-d8blfcjI
    Whistler’s name: 哈等登等凳瞪

  33. "No, I did not have sex with that woman". Bill Clinton "Well, no weapons of mass destruction here!" George Bush JR

  34. I am VERY disappointed in the reporting, in this broadcast. President Trump was VERY clear, during today's news conference, that the reason he has begun to refer to SARS-CoV-2 as the China Virus is because he is responding to the propaganda coming from China, that is proclaiming that SARS-COV-2 was brought to China by our U.S. military, and that is not true, as everyone knows, where the virus originated, and President Trump, in defense of our U.S. military, essentially said he's not going to let China get away with these false accusations aimed at the U.S. and our military men and women. @abcnews.com why did you leave the full context out of your reporting? I can clearly see, that even during an unprecedented crisis, such as our nation is facing, that the news media organizations, like yours, can not be trusted to give the public the accurate unbiased reporting, that is so needed right now. I will continue to listen directly to news conferences in their entirety, as I can not trust @abcnews.com to present accurate unbiased news.

  35. "O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing." ~ The Bab, Baha'i Faith

  36. Of resolved cases in Italy 43% died. The bodies are being stacked in churches.
    Italy waited to act like us. However Italy also has a better medical system, and their people have less preexisting conditions.
    Don't pretend this is just the flu.

  37. FACT: First good presidential candidate who passes into law UBI for life to all Americans making under $20/Hour ( temp jobs ) for $1,500/Month will be VOTED in for 2020!!!!!!!

  38. Ebola was named because it came from the Ebola rivers in Africa, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was named because it came from the Middle East, Spanish Flu may have not came from Spain, but that's where most of the reports were coming from. All these other diseases are named from their place of origin and it's not considered racist, why does China get a free pass when something comes out of there? Because the WHO gets to name these viruses and the WHO is owned by China. I agree with Trump, this is the China Flu/WuHan Virus. ABC News is garbage.

  39. 😂It's the Millennials on the beach not working that is the problem! 😂 …and they're going to be the survivors. That's the story of life. 😂

  40. "We know what this virus does"…….Yeah?……it spreads……people get sick………people die……….largely unnecessarily.How many of you have been following this since it first broke?How many of you said to yourselves "they(the authorities) better get a jump on this or its gonna get bad"??How many of you watched as almost nothing was done?…..For all January…..for all February….no screening/testing quarantining of travelers flowing in and out of the country….of all countries…..to and fro….from all states.If it wasn't so sad and tragic……it'd be laughable.There's only one word to describe the response by authorities….PATHETIC. I can think of another that should go hand in hand with that…..CRIMINAL.We really pay taxes for this kind of response?But it's ok….just bury your dead loved ones…..and vote these proactive as slugs in again.

  41. SHUT up Lady's again and again blaming the President… SHUT UP what have you done with the country Lady??? We LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP…. VOTE TRUMP 2020

  42. 13:09 …the dumb bat reporter who thought whining about identity politics was the most important question to ask while a global pandemic going on.

  43. I get all of this, but this virus Did originate in China.. has nothing to do with ethnic Chinese people, but it absolutely did originate in Wuhan, China.. there is no denying.

  44. This is fake garbage! Wuhan Virus comes from China. This is President bashing! U want him take blame 4 everything & anything. U ties his hands. First U say he not doing anything, then saying doing to much. Now back 2 not enough! Blame yourselves. Emergency happen. Ask yourselves y we r not ready.

  45. Big thanks to the IRS for pumping up the $ as my conversation rate is fairly consistent regardless of the crisis. Got a bit worried that the conversation rate will gonna fall 😊😊😊

  46. People in America are so stupid and brain washed. Main stream media are liars and spin doctors. They are blowing this way out of proportion. Wake up, do your research and find the truth and dont trust the main stream media. This is why I watch alternative news.

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