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8 Better Alternatives To Sending Large Email Attachments

Hi this is Gary with MacMost.com. Here are eight alternatives to sending large
email attachments. MacMost is brought you by more than 500 viewers
just like you. Go to MacMost.com/patreon. There you can read more about the Patreon
Campaign. Join us and get exclusive content. So one internet practice I don’t like is sending
files by email attachment. I always think twice before sending any file
as an email attachment and I almost never send large attachments. Even if you have the bandwidth to upload a
file and a good internet provider that will accept large attachments the person you’re
sending it to may not have good bandwidth and their email provider may not allow a large
attachment. Some people even have bandwidth limits. You have to consider that today sometimes
people are reading their email on their phones while on the go. Sending a large attachment that’s going to
clog up their email on their phone is not a good idea. Fortunately there are other ways to send files
to other people. In all of these you can still send them an
email with a link to this file. It’s just not going to be included as a big
attachment with the email. One of the most common things you may want
to share are images. If an image is a photograph and it’s already
in your Photos app it’s easy to share into an iCloud Gallery. You can do that right from the Photos app
and then include a link in an email. So let’s select three photos from here. You could just select one or it could be a
whole bunch of them.Then I’m going to click on the Share button here and then go to Shared
Albums. I can create a new shared album here and give
it a name. I can invite people to see it so other Apple
ID’s. I can just create this. You’ll see it appear on the left under Shared
Albums. If I select it I can see what’s in there. I could also click this button here at the
top and I could change things about it. So, for instance, I can select whether other
people can post to this album, whether it’s Public which may be exactly what you want. Notice here I get this URL. I can Copy and Paste this URL into an email
and give whoever I want access to these three photos. Now an alternative is to use one of the many
free websites that allow you to upload images and share them. Probably the biggest one out there is called
Imgur.com and you can go there. You can have an account there so you can maintain
your little collection of images. But you don’t have to. You can just click New Post here on the page
and then you can select an image and drop it there. It will upload and give you a link for you
to share it. So someone else getting this link here would
see this. A private window here and you can see you
go to it and there is the image right there that they can see and they can also download
it. There are dozens of other sites like Imgur. Here are two examples. This on is Ultraimg and Postimage.org. You can search and find tons of other sites
that you can just throw images into without even signing up or sign up to get more features. Of course video is also a common file type
that you may want to share. Those files can be huge. So very difficult to send an email attachment
and probably pretty unwelcome as an attachment as well. You can upload to a free video service. Of course the biggest name out there is YouTube. People don’t realize that you can upload to
YouTube and not publish it to the world. There’s a private option and an unlisted option. So, for instance, here I am in a sample YouTube
account. I could click on Add and upload a video here. Take this video and drag and drop it to Upload. You can see here I can set all of the information
and including visibility. In visibility I can set it to be Unlisted. So basically it’s publicly available to anybody
but they have to know the exact URL to go to. So it’s unlikely anybody else is going to
stumble upon it. In addition I could also set it to Private. In that case I would have to know other people’s
YouTube ID which is their Goggle or gmail email address to be able to send them access
to get to see this video. This is a great way to send a video that’s
really easy for anybody because you can watch YouTube on all sorts of different platforms. It’s not good for downloading though. If the other person needs to download video
then you really need to be able to send them the file. There are other video services out there as
well. Some you have to pay for although sometimes
there are free tiers. Vimeo is probably the biggest name outside
of YouTube and has all sorts of other advanced features. So when you want to send somebody a file whether
it’s a photo, a video, or any other kind of file you can do it using a variety of different
services. Now you’re probably already using iCloud Drive
if you’re on a Mac. Even if you’re not using it for Desktop and
Documents you have, at least, the free iCloud Drive space that Apple provides. You can share files using iCloud Drive. So, for instance, I have this video here. I can Control click on the file and select
Share. One of my options is to Add People. This will Share using iCloud Drive. It works because my Desktop here is an iCloud
Drive folder. Otherwise if it’s not I have to make sure
I put it in iCloud Drive before I try to Share it. Then I basically get Share options here. I can simply Copy a Link and send it to anybody
anyway I want or I can have an email sent to them. I could also have Share options like who can
access it. Only people with the Apple ID’s that I provide
or Anyone with a link and Whether or not people can make changes to the file. So that would pertain, to say, if you were
uploading a document like Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, Word, Photoshop or something like
that. If you change it to View Only then all they
can do is see it and download it. They can’t change the file that’s on your
iCloud Drive. If I go back into Share and Show People now
then I could see that there. I could look at the Share options and I could
Copy Link. This is what it looks like to them when they
try to access it on the web. You could see they can add it to their iCloud
Drive or simply hit Download a Copy. Now another option is simply to use any other
Cloud service. So, for instance, I’ll demonstrate here using
Dropbox. I’ve got Dropbox installed here. Just a free account. I have a Dropbox folder. I can move this file into Dropbox. I can Control click on it and select Share
and then I could share it with somebody else very similar to how iCloud Drive is doing
it. A similar functionality exists in all of the
major Cloud services. So whether you use Goggle, Microsoft or something
else there’s a way to share a file as long as you have it in that Cloud service. Then here in Dropbox I can Create Link and
then simply copy the link and now that is available and I can go and paste that into
an email. That would then look something like this in
the browser to another person. Dropbox is even smart enough to recognize,
in this case, that it’s a video and allow you to play the video. But I can also just hit the Download button
for this video or any file that’s sent. Now there are also a number of free websites
out there that allow you to share large files with other people. They work in a very similar way to those photo
sites we were looking at before but they work with any kind of file. So the one I’m going to feature here is send.firefox.com
from the same people that bring you the Firefox browser. They allow you to basically upload anything
that you want here. Just drag and drop. Hit Upload and you have all sorts of cool
different options. You’ve got a link here. This is what it would look like to somebody
else. They could see the file there and hit download. Really easy. Just Copy and Paste that link into your email
to send. There are also dozens of other services that
do basically the same thing. Here are three. This one is called WeTransfer.com. Another is called FromSmash.com. Both of these allow you to share things without
even signing up. A third one is pretty popular is called Hightail.com. You have to sign up but it’s a free account. This next method is kind of like sending it
in email but not. It’s using Apple’s Mail Drop feature. So Mail Drop is kind of invisible to the receiver. They’re still getting an attachment or what
looks like an attachment. It’s actually downloading from Apple’s servers. It basically tries to send an attachment but
instead of actually sending it as part of the message it’s actually storing it on one
of Apple’s servers and then sending an email with a link to the attachment. So it has some great benefit like if your
email provider doesn’t allow attachments over a certain size then Mail Drop will allow you
to send large attachments. It’s also kind of automatic which is good
and bad. So in the Mail app on Mac if you go to Preferences
and then Accounts under Account Information for each account you’ll see a checkbox here
for whether or not Mail Drop is enabled for that account. So make sure it’s Enabled for each account
that you want to use it for. Then it kind of works invisibly. So I’m going to compose a new message here
and I’m going to attach a large attachment, something over 20 MB. Now when I go to hit Send it’s a little confusing
as to whether it’s using Mail Drop or not. I’ve never liked this feature because of that
confusion. Now it’s done right if you actually go to
iCloud.com and send an email. So I compose a message here and I want to
include an attachment, that large attachment here. It’s actually going to come up with a box
asking me if I want to use Mail Drop. I think that’s how it should work in the Mail
app. Now I have included an eighth option here
especially for professionals and businesses. That is to setup your own private server. Often when we think of internet hosting we
think of websites. But you can also use internet hosting for
sharing files. So you can take a host like say Liquidweb
which is the host I use or some other popular ones like BlueHost or DreamHost and signup
for an account with them. You’ll of course have to pay something every
month but usually in control panels there are ways to setup kind of a file sharing server
or just load files onto different webpages to be able to share them throughout your organization. This is great for companies that really need
to control everything about their files and don’t want to rely on some other service and
worry about things like security and privacy. So it’s not an option for most people but
for some it is the only option.

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