What is Dropshipping?

4 Use Alipocket to Pay for Orders – FREE SHOPIFY PREMIUM Course | Shopify Dropshipping Strategies

In this video we’re going to cover how to use Ali pockets to pay for your orders. Now there’s three reasons why it’s worth doing this. The first is. So this is an introductory course so you’ll find that when you do start using Alli EXPRESS If you’re just doing it on a credit card your orders will start getting closed for security reasons and that’s fair enough because if you’re sending an order to the United States one to the United Kingdom one to France one to Germany like from there and it will look suspicious that may be your card has been stolen. So they’ll start closing your orders and giving you a refund which is not ideal through delivery speed to your customers so the way to get around that is aid to verify your card with Ali express. But even then your orders will still probably start getting closed because although you’re verified it still looks suspicious from their systems point of view that your orders are going to different countries. So the way to get around that is I always do orders through Ali pocket. So if you go to my orders it’s a bit ahead. So there’s my orders and then go to my Ali express pocket so this is the test account I’ve just done to show you that once you purchase them you get like a history of it here. So let’s just show you had said the actual process of buying it. Here’s my early express pocket here and sorry. The second reason for it so the first one was for security reasons to avoid getting your orders closed. The second reason is if you ever need to cancel an order or one of your orders doesn’t get delivered or is damaged or whatever reason refunds come back to you a lot faster through Ali pocket than it does through your card which can take several days or even weeks. So for those reasons it’s great and then the third thing is when you’re running a drop shipping business you obviously have to keep an accounting record for your accounts and doing taxes etc.. And instead of having like 20000 credit card transactions on your business bank account it’s much better to buy Ali express pocket and then you have significantly less transactions because instead of having ten thousand each for two dollars or whatever you can do by early express pocket here in the corner and then you can choose one of these price points so obviously start with something small if we haven’t got a lot of customers yet and then build up to the bigger ones and you can You don’t just have to buy just one you can buy several at the same time. So you at 300 450 at the same time I think the limit you can have on your account any time you’re here is seven hundred dollars so it’s great for accounting as well because then you don’t have thousands of pages and transactions you have to sift through. It’ll just be every few days. Having like 300 dollars come up in your bank statement so that never gets closed by express for security reasons because you only gisting one transaction every couple of days or a few days or even a week. So this is just a really great way to resolve all of those problems and have a much easier life. So all you have to do is click buy. And I’m pretty sure. So if you haven’t started doing drop shipping or use dallies spread before I’d recommend taking it like a full introductory course on how to set everything up so this is more about the 10 best strategies to use. But if you want an introductory course I’d definitely recommend taking one because that will show you how to get your card verified and things like that. So I don’t actually think you can buy an Ali express pocket without verifying your credit card first. So let’s assume that you verified your card. All you do is click the quantity one click by now. And then here you can just import your payment methods or if you’ve already verified it will come up with your card here that you can choose. And then all you do is literally hit confirm and pay. Now don’t panic if you don’t see the money straight away. It normally takes about a minute or two to reach. So what you can do is make the payment and then go back to Ali express pocket here. And then just refresh the page after about a minute or two minutes and then this will come up with your ballons and then it’s just ready to use. So I’ll definitely recommend this over using your card and your life will just be much easier.

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