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360° Video: Labor and Delivery Tour at UC Davis Medical Center

[MUSIC] Hi. My name is Nadine and I’m a labor and delivery nurse here at UC Davis Medical Center. Thank you for joining us. I’m here to give you a 360 degree view of our labor and delivery. You can feel free to follow along on your computer with your mouse or on your telephone so you can see the entire unit. We’re going to start by having you arrive and park in our parking structure. Then you’re going to come upstairs to the third floor. We will see you here directly. You do not need to go to the emergency room. Once you’ve arrived, we are going to check you into our triage area. Triage is like the obstetric emergency room. Once we’ve evaluated you, we will move you on to one of our suites, and that’s where I’m going to take you next. You will be in this room for your labor, delivery and recovery. Please feel free to move around with your computer mouse or your phone so you can see the entire room. Here you will have access to highly rated maternal fetal, obstetric and pediatric experts. You will also be given care by highly trained nurses in the fields of labor support and also lactation. Follow me as I show you around. We highly encourage the presence of a support person, spouse or doula. We have a couch here that turns into a bed so that they can stay comfortable with you. Each room has equipment to support your labor, such as a birthing ball, squat bar, peanut ball and even wireless monitoring. Wireless monitoring allows you to move around the room freely as you labor. Every room has a private bathroom and shower, and you’ll have all your meals served here in this room. For a pain relief option, we have anesthesia 24 hours a day. You’ll have access to epidurals, IV pain medicine and also nitrous oxide. Here at UC Davis, we highly encourage skin-to-skin contact in bonding with your baby. All newborn procedures can be preformed here at the bedside with you. We preform couplet care here. Our moms and babies stay together in the room at all times. If needed, we are equipped if your baby needs extra support, but we’d like to keep our mom and baby together at all times. Thank you for joining us! We welcome you here at UC Davis Health and we look forward to having you here.

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