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$30 Mini Drone Quadcopter with Camera & Night Vision! – Unboxing & Review

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  1. Got mine stuck in a tree it was a bigger one though it's been 2 days and this is what happends BLOODY HELL it was recording too I posted it

  2. What's the deal? The mini drone is supposed to be $29.99, but when I tap on the Amazon link it shows the price as $33.99

  3. i wish i could get a drone at least the mini cheap ones but my parents think its too expensive and they think its stupid because u pay 30 dollars for a tiny little drone but i told them it has a camera inside and u cn see it on your phone but nothing. and now im waitin and waiting to see when am i going ro get one…

  4. Cool channel I was going to subscribe without being asked about 7 times. Having said that I'm really down on my luck and I've never won anything before. A random electronic device would be right up my street 😉

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