What is Dropshipping?

2020 Inventure Prize Finalist: Nasolution

(energetic music) – We have created a
smart nasal spray device. With our unique tamper-proof technology patients will only be able to take the exact amount of the drug that’s administered to them, and no more. And doctors will be able to
monitor the administration from afar to ensure that their patient is being cared for appropriately, not abusing their drugs. The target audience is
for depressed patients who are forced to go into
their doctor’s office several times per week to receive their dose of ketamine, for example. And, the idea is to send
this device home with them so that the can take this from afar rather than going in and they can be monitored from the doctor and not abuse their drug. So right now, ketamine is
known as being a party drug. It’s easily abusable. So doctors are hesitant to
send these patients home with this drug and so
they’re saying you have to come into the office to receive your dose. So the idea is, this would
give doctors peace of mind to send the patients home with the drug it would give patients peace of mind because they wouldn’t be
losing out in their life by having to go into the
doctor’s office several times. The pharmacy would be
loading the actual chambers into the device, that
bottom, main months worth. And you would go back to
the pharmacy each month and get a new device with a
new months worth of supply. Ketamine is our entry
into market right now. That’s kind of our hope is to get this onto the shelf through ketamine. But even beyond ketamine,
this can be applied to any intranasal drug
that’s either abusable or requires exact dosage monitoring. So there are several examples of these including opiates or sleep
disorder medications or Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s medications. So there is a long list of other drugs that this can be applied to. And so we’re hoping this
can save lives through drugs even beyond just ketamine.

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