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2020 Easton GOAT 12″ & 13.5″ USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Hey Smash It family. I’m former MLB
player Jermaine Curtis and in this video we were reviewed the new 2020 Easton
GOAT silver excel in gold. Both bats are two-piece composites that
are 34 inches in 26 ounces the Easton GOAT silver excel has a barrel size of
thirteen and a half inches and the Easton GOAT gold has a barrel size of 12
inches. They both are approved for NSA, ISA, and USSSA and are using Easton
fourth-generation fire flex technology. both bats provide a soft barrel right
out of the wrapper giving a trampoline like effect upon impact of the softball.
when I compressed them out of the wrap the GOAT gold marked at 280 and the
silver XL came in at 275. Both bats are optimized player weighting
which means depending on the specs of the bat, the bats will optimize to
create the best moment of inertia both bats come with Easton carbon zero handle which is the stiffest handle design Easton has ever created. The carbon zero
handle is designed to provide a more smoother swing to stay through the ball
longer and get you your best results that basically sums up the Easton GOAT
bat technology so on that note let’s take 50 or more swings to correctly test
each bad out but before testing out each of these bats I have to share with you
something exciting if you purchase either of their 2020 Easton goat
slowpitch softball bats you can win in eastern pro player package containing
two bats one backpack two shirts two batting gloves and one fielding glove a
value of over $1000. Claim yours today because there are only be 20 winners
link is in the description. so after taking 50 or more swings with
each bat I have to correct myself recently I stated that Easton’s Fire Flex
bat was Easton’s hottest Fire Flex ever. I stand corrected. The Easton GOATS are
the hottest ever the gold silver XL has a long 13.5 inch barrel that is very
forgiving. This bat is great for player looking to develop their game but still
perform at an elite level the GOAT gold has a 12 inch barrel and is a bat for
players looking to hit moon shots and clean up the table instead of being a
table setter. Okay so onto the rating of each bat and I want to clear the air
this is my opinion about these bats and others who have surveyed the bat so I
get the gold silver XL a nine point six when it comes to pop a nine point six
when it comes to performance on the sweet spot an eight point eight when it
comes to performance on miss hits at nine point two when it comes to sound
it feels balanced to me and I give the Easton silver an overall rating of nine
point six. Now on to the Easton GOAT gold. I give the Easton gold a seven
when it comes to pop. A nine point seven when it comes to performance on the
sweet spot and nine when it comes to performance on miss hits. A nine when
it comes to sound it fills in loaded and I give the Easton go an overall rating
of nine point seven

Reader Comments

  1. Click the links in the description for a chance to win an Easton Giveaway package. Details are on the GOAT pages.

  2. Pretty decent bat, only downfall is already cracked one side of the bat. Not sure how but mashed in on one side and have maybe 100 cuts on it indoor bp. Bummed not able to use in a game

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