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2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost MBRP Exhaust Sound Clip Race Catback w/ Y-Pipe Review & Install

Hey, guys, Justin with AmericanMuscle.com,
here with my detailed review of the MBRP Race Catback Exhaust System with Y-Pipe, fitting
your 2015 and up Fastback EcoBoost. Now, the Race Catback from MBRP is one of the most
popular options for your EcoBoost here on the site and for a few different reasons.
For starters, it’s currently one of the most affordable options for your ride; it’s going
to offer full three-inch diameter piping from tip to tip; and finally it sounds really good
despite not costing you an arm and a leg. Now, one thing I personally really enjoy about
MBRP is the amount of options they give you in choosing the right system for your ride.
For instance, we’re looking at the full stainless steel version of the Race Catback here. It’s
going to cost you a little bit more but not by much. It’s going to offer a full lifetime
warranty from MBRP, largely in part to the full 409 grade stainless steel construction
throughout that’s going to do a good job of reducing any surface corrosion. In addition to that, MBRP does throw two aluminized
steel versions of this exhaust at you. One’s going to come with black mufflers, black tips,
and black piping, and the other’s going to be left in that raw aluminized steel silver
color. Now, both of those options only carry a three-year warranty, but they’re going to
be the most affordable. Now, I did want to spend a little bit of time
on tone, because obviously, this is an exhaust after all, and that’s a big deciding factor.
But a big question I get a lot is: How do I make my four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang sound
good? And honestly, guys, a lot of that is going to depend on what your definition of
good is, but what I can tell you is that the MBRP Race is going to deliver a very enjoyable
tone, deep, low tone here with practically zero rasp, minimal drone on the highway, definitely
not a deal breaker, but you can hear it slightly, and overall, a very, very solid three out
of five on my one to five or one to wake the neighbors scale. Again, you can hear this thing, but it’s not
going to be totally crazy loud. However, add in your favorite off-road or catless downpipe,
and that number would go up considerably. As for the construction, guys, well, again,
I did touch on this earlier, but you do have the full stainless option available to your
here. That’s the one I have on the table with me, 409 grade stainless. It’s going to offer
a little better durability over time. It’s going to cost you a little bit more, but you
do get that full lifetime warranty with the system. Those two aluminized steel versions, again,
great systems. They’re going to be a little bit more affordable, but they’re only going
to carry that three-year warranty, maybe not be as durable when it comes to reducing surface
corrosion, but overall, still a great system. You are getting three-inch mandrel-bent tubing
from tip to tip with this system, solid welds despite the price, and you are getting the
race mufflers, along with the very large four-and-a-half-inch slash-cut tips, etched with the MBRP logo. You are going to be looking at a simple one
out of three wrench difficulty here, guys, when it comes to the install. No cutting or
permanent modification needed whatsoever. This is a direct bolt-on part that should
make the install a little bit more easy on you. Now, as for tools, well, simple socket
set here. You’re going to need a large Allen key to tighten up these tips here, but overall,
figure about an hour or two in the garage or driveway before you’re making some noise. All right, guys, to wrap up the MBRP Race
Catback, I do really enjoy this system for the simple fact that it sounds good; you have
some options when it comes to the materials; and it’s not going to cost you and arm and
a leg to put it on your car. So be sure to check out more from MBRP for your EcoBoost
Mustang here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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