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2015-2016 Mustang GT Roush Exhaust Sound Clip Axle-Back Review

What’s up everybody? Justin with americanmuscle.com.
Welcome to my quick breakdown of the Roush axle-back exhaust system available for your
2015 Coyote powered GT. As you guys all just heard, the 2015 Roush axle-back definitely
lives up to the claim of being one of the more aggressive axle-back systems available
for your new GT. The same was true with the ’11 to ’14 S197 axle-back, and that same super
aggressive tone has definitely found its way over to the new S550 kit. That super angry or aggressive tone does come
courtesy of Roush’s unique open chambered or hollow chambered mufflers as they call
them. These things are unique in the fact that they don’t use a traditional fiberglass
packing material. This allows for that really aggressive tone you guys heard earlier. At
the same time, it’s going to keep any interior noise or drone to an absolute minimum. In
addition, these mufflers are a straight through design, meaning any performance you might
see, while minimal typically here with an axle-back, will definitely be a little bit
more than what you might see with a traditional chambered muffler. All right, guys, going over the build quality
a little bit here. You will notice what little piping there is has all been mandrel-bent
two and a half inches in diameter. The entire system has been constructed from quality 304
grade stainless steel. This does include the four inch slash cut tips. These tips are cool
because they do feature Roush’s unique new chrome flashing process which they say will
help reduce any discoloration over the years. By now, guys, you should know that with any
2015 axle-back install there is some cutting required. However, like I tell you in some
previous videos, as long as you take your time and follow some basic guidelines you
should be good to go. These guidelines do include making sure you have a nice fresh
Sawzall blade on hand, make sure you wear your eye protection of course, and last but
not least measure twice and cut once. Thankfully, Roush does include some really nice detailed
instructions with this kit on where to cut. As long as you take your time, follow the
instructions, you can expect to spend about two hours from start to finish getting this
thing bolted up. If you guys are looking for one of the most
aggressive axle-back systems from one of the most recognizable names in the Mustang world
then be sure to check out the Roush axle-back for your Coyote powered GT right here at americanmuscle.com.

Reader Comments

  1. The 2015 @ROUSHperformance Axleback sounds amazing! What are your thoughts on this set up for the S550 #Mustang? 

  2. I got a 1969 mustang 351w convertible. I am thinking of making a new exhaust. What is the benefit of having a X exhaust or H exhaust or just normal?

  3. Roush in my opinion has the best sounding axle backs in the business. I have some on my 2014 and I absolutely love em!

  4. I highly recommend them with the X Pipe, it sounds great and it's LOUD!
    It took me about 3 hours to do all of them and I never did car work before. 😀

  5. I can not wait I ordered these and I'm waiting for bbk to deliver their off road x pipe for my 2015 grrr I'm waiting till September !

  6. Watch 2:50 American muscle should read the instructions. The product should not be installed with pneumatic or impact tools. The product was now voided by this installation. They are not responsible for 650 ft lbs of Ingersoll rand stud stripping power.

  7. I just bought mine yesterday for my s550 😊 in your website guys my friend has one on his s550 and it sounds like a beast but he has an H pipe Wich one is louder ? the X or H pipe?

  8. Hi, I am considering the MBRP street or the Roush axle back. What are your thoughts on the differences and similarities with the two systems?

  9. Hook this up with an X-pipe and you'll be scaring small children and waking the dead AAAAAND, you're neighbors will absolutely LOVE you!

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