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2015-2016 F-150 Corsa 2.5″ Resonator Delete Kit (5.0L) Sound Clip & Install

Hey everybody, I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com. And this is my detailed review and install
of the Corsa 2.5 Inch Resonator Delete Kit available for your 2015 and newer 5 liter
powered F-150. This video is gonna cover my thoughts on the
benefits of running the Resonator Delete Kit here from Corsa, what this thing is gonna
bring to the table as far as craftsmanship and materials, and then finally we’ll quickly
walk you through the install of the Resonator Delete Kit itself. And right up front guys, you’re dealing with
two clamps here essentially. So one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter. We will have a little bit more detail coming
up later on. So the Corsa Resonator Delete Kit that we
have in this video is going to appeal to truck owners out there for two completely different
reasons. Now first and foremost, this is gonna be a
great choice for truck owners out there who want just a little bit more sound over their
factory exhaust system but maybe don’t wanna go all in or over the top with a more aggressive
system. And since this is a Resonator Delete and since
you are maintaining a majority of your factory exhaust system, you’re gonna be saving a ton
of money when compared to buying an aftermarket catback. On the other hand, this is gonna be a great
choice for truck owners out there who have already pulled the trigger on the Corsa sport
catback system but now just simply crave a little bit more volume. That Corsa sport, it’s a great catback. I have it on my own personal F-150 but it
does maintain that factory resonator to help keep volume levels down slightly. By eliminating that factory resonator, throwing
in the straight pipe here from Corsa, you’re not only picking up a good amount of sound
but you’re also freeing up some restrictions otherwise caused by that factory resonator. Now, Corsa is one of those companies that
really just needs no introduction because they are one of the premier exhaust offerings
for both the F-150 and the Mustang alike. This is gonna be a little different from their
normal offerings in the fact that you’re essentially getting a three foot sectional pipe, as opposed
to a full blown catback. Which again, the main purpose is to eliminate
that factory resonator like we just talked about. So with all that said, let’s talk about the
sound profile a little bit more that you can expect when installing the Resonator Delete
Kit on your F-150, with that factory exhaust system like you heard with our sound clips
at the very top of this video. And as promised guys, like I’ve been telling
you the whole time, with the factory exhaust system in place, you’re only picking up the
slightest increase in volume over that factory exhaust system. In my opinion, it’s a little louder in person,
probably a little harder to hear over the computer or your speakers but it is there. So breaking out my wake the neighbor scale
with one essentially being a factory exhaust system, I’m going soft two out of five here
on my one to five or one the wake the neighbor scale. With the factory exhaust system, you’re really
not gaining a whole lot but pair this up with that Corsa sport like we’ve talked about a
little bit earlier and those volume levels jump dramatically. But moving away from the sound briefly, let’s
quickly talk materials because obviously there’s not a whole lot to talk about here. Resonator Delete’s roughly three feet in length,
two and a half inches in diameter, 304 grade stainless steel though guys. So even though you’re not getting a whole
lot of materials, what little you are getting is premium. They’re also throwing in a tubal flange here
for the factory connection, along with a clamp here for the exhaust connection as well. So again, simple part not terribly complicated
but it is very nice in quality. And speaking of a premium part, the Corsa
typically commands a higher price range or a higher dollar and this really is the case
here when talking about the Resonator Delete Kit guys. You’re looking at $200 which I know might
sound a little excessive given what this thing is but you have to consider maybe taking your
truck to your local exhaust shop. I don’t know if you’re gonna be saving a ton
of money by doing it on your own. Also factor in that that local exhaust shop
may be using aluminized steel or even 409 grade stainless, not the premium 304 here
that you’re getting with the Corsa. So, yes $200 might be a little steep for essentially
a straight pipe but you’re getting a little bit of a convenience factor here as well from
Corsa. Switching gears, let’s talk install. And again, not a whole lot to talk about,
right? You get the theme here, guys. This is a very simple part and as such, the
install will be very simple as well. We’re calling it one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter. On the site we call it two hours. In my opinion, that might be a tad excessive
but overall here’s what you’re dealing with. A basic socket set, you have two bolts to
deal with at the flange, one bolt to deal with at the exhaust connection, to drop that
factory resonator down. The Corsa piece is gonna go in in reverse
order. But again, they include everything you need
including the new flange, the new clamps, all the hardware making the install very straight
forward. So again, basic socket set. I’d say about an hour of your time is probably
all it’s gonna take to get this puppy in place but you should be making noise in no time. I really do enjoy the Resonator Delete Kit
here from Corsa because it’s a great way to get the smallest increase in volume on your
F-150. And the best part is, you really don’t have
to spend a ton of dough in the process to get that. On the other hand, if you’re looking to really
wake up that Corsa Sport Catback exhaust system, this is a surefire way to do so. So, that’s my review of the Corsa 2.5 Inch
Resonator Delete Kit, which you can grab right here at americanmuscle.com.

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