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2015-2016 F-150 5.0L Flowmaster Exhaust Sound Clip Outlaw CatBack Dual Exit Review & Install

Hey guys. I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com, and this
is my detailed review and install of the Flowmaster Outlaw Series CatBack Exhaust System, available
for your 2015 and up 5-liter powered F-150. In this video, I’m gonna break down what kinda
sound you can expect when going with the Outlaw series here from Flowmaster. I’m also going to dissect the construction
and materials. And then finally, I will talk about the install. One out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter for most of you out there. Again, very straightforward, bolt-on affair. There is a small amount of cutting needed
for some people out there but we will talk about that later on with the install. So who is this one for? Well, this is an easy one, guys. The Outlaw Series from Flowmaster is gonna
be for the 5-liter truck owners out there who wanna be heard, as the Outlaw is definitely
one of Flowmaster’s most aggressive offerings. I’m even willing to say this is probably one
of the most aggressive CatBacks in the aftermarket. Now, the Flowmaster is also gonna be one of
your only choices here on the site to give you some options when it comes to mounting. You can have this thing be a dual-split side
exit or a dual-split rear exit, thanks to the included piping that Flowmaster throws
in. With all that said, let’s dive a little deeper. Since this is an exhaust, let’s talk sound. And as you guys heard with the sound clip
with our 5-liter truck, as advertised, the Outlaw is an absolute screamer, an easy 5
out of 5 on my 1 to 5 or 1 to wake-the-neighbors scale, and probably one of the most aggressive
systems I’ve personally heard on our 5-liter truck to date. Now, as loud as this thing is on the outside,
you’re getting an equal amount of noise on the inside. Some of you guys might like that, others may
not. If your truck is a family hauler, you do a
lot of long roadtrips, this one might bug the wife and the kids after a few hours on
the road. So if you’re after that Flowmaster iconic
sound, but maybe you wanna keep things a little bit more quiet on the inside of the cab, you
might wanna check out the Force 2 or even the American Thunder as well. So we’ve established this thing is loud with
our sound clips and our very accurate, very scientific wake-the-neighbors scale, but what
else can you expect when checking out the Outlaw here? Well, I think one of the coolest features
with this system is the fact that again, you can have this thing be a dual-split side exit
or a dual-split rear exit depending on your mood, thanks to the included piping here from
Flowmaster. And honestly, Flowmaster is one of the only
companies I’ve seen offer this to date here, and that does give them an edge up in this
department. As you might expect, that extra bit of piping
will add to the price slightly, but not as bad as you might think. In fact, the Flowmaster is an easy, middle-of-the-road
choice here when it comes to aftermarket CatBacks, along with the Magnaflow stuff, and even some
of the stainless work stuff to a certain extent. You’re gonna be looking at right around $800
for this guy, which really, again, isn’t all that bad when you consider you’re getting
a configurable system here, something those other options aren’t giving you, and you’re
also getting some pretty solid materials as well. And speaking of materials, the Outlaw Series
does feature 409 grade Stainless Steel throughout here, and much like that price being middle-of-the-road,
the 409 grade Stainless is a middle-of-the-road material. It’s not 304 grade on the high side and it’s
not aluminized steel on the low side, instead, it’s a very solid material that Flowmaster
incorporates with a lot of their systems and will do a pretty good job at reducing corrosion
in the saltier climates or winters. Going even further with the construction here,
you’re gonna find three-inch Mandrel Bent Tubing from tip to tip here, along with that
409 grade Stainless Steel construction. Like we just talked about, the little baby
Outlaw Series muffler here, isn’t it so cute, and then finally, the dual four-inch tips,
black obviously, these guys are actually ceramic, they’re not painted, which is really good,
because that ceramic coating is gonna be far more durable, reduce any fading or chipping
over the years. As far as changing the pipe layout with detail,
pipes here going from that dual-split side exit to the dual-split rear exit, it’s actually
very easy to do, and something that you can do with the rest of the system already installed. You don’t have to drop the entire system to
do it. You got these two pipes here, which are your
dual-split side exit. These two pipes are your dual-split rear exit. And everything’s basically secured with two
clamps when it comes to changing these guys out. So ultimately, very easy, very quick to change
out if you ever wanted to do so. Speaking of wrenching, the install of the
Flowmaster Outlaw Series is gonna be very simple, very straightforward for a majority
of truck owners out there. However, a small amount of people will need
to cut, basically, regular cab owners, eight-foot bed, super crew owners with a six and a half-foot
bed, there’s a single cut needed but Flowmaster lays out everything very clearly and makes
it very easy for you to do. So if you are one of the owners that have
to cut, just make sure you have your Sawzall and a fresh metal blade, of course. Everybody else, a basic socket set is really
all you need to get everything in place. One out of three wrenches again on my scale
of difficulty, maybe an hour or two in the garage or driveway before you’re making some
loud noises. Listen guys, if you like being heard and don’t
mind a good bit of interior noise at the same time, the Outlaw Series from Flowmaster might
just be the exhaust for you. The quality of build, the materials, the interchangeable
exhaust tips, and of course, that earth-shaking tone make it a great buy at $800. And you can find yours right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. I’ve been between the borla Atak, corsa extreme, and this outlaw on a 5.0 f-150. I feel from videos the outlaw is the loudest and has more drone from outside, and it fits the vibe of a 5.0 truck. Same for borla atak. But on the corsa extreme, it’s just as Loud and sounds amazing, but the popping loudness of it fits a mustang 5.0 vibe idk, I think the outlaw is the best loudest exhaust for the 5.0 f-150. The low growl of the outlaw is a perfect fit for a man in a truck who wants that toughness, and some head turns

  2. What the hey! Do they make this kit for a 16’ F150 XL 4×4 regular cab 6’7” bed?…. or do I have to get crafty with the kit.

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